Subject: Hello Out There!
Greetings from windy Montana on this lovely Palm Sunday! I have just joined the group and am anxious to be of help to fellow travelers and to get some help too! My friend and I are planning a Sept. trip to the Italian Grand Prix in Monza. I have most of the nights covered, but am still in need of a reasonable place for Florence and Rome. We are 50 (me) and he is 32,( no snide comments about cradle robbing allowed!) money is a factor, we're on a budget! Also, we want to travel to the area around Naples, I was thinking of staying on the island of Ischia, does any one have a place there? If anyone needs help with Montana, please feel free to inquire. I have traveled to Greece, Turkey, Portugal and Maderia. Thanks for the opportunity to join, I hope I can be of help to someone. Pamela