Subject: Re: Digest Number 7
Hello everyone,

Maans, you live in a wonderful country. I'd really love to visit it one day. I was told that it is very expensive, but reading your message makes me feel hopeful.

> and Scotland) as well as Vienna and Prague. My wife and I are planning
> to visit Spain and Portugal for two weeks in September/October this year.

You haven't visited yet Italy it seems, so consider also it in your next trips. My first suggestion is that 15 days are not enough for both Spain and Portugal. There are many things to see and visit. Portugal, as you know, is the smallest and the cheaper one. I had in Portugal a really good time and it was really really cheap. Both food and hotels were really inexpensive (and consider that italian lira is always down compared to every currency!). The prices in Spain have risen and now it is almost like in Italy. Feel free to ask me more questions if you need.


I'm going to Italy and England beginning
> April 15th, and will probably take the Eurostar to Paris. I'm looking forward
> to the people and experiences on this board.

I'm from Italy, so if you should decide to visit some place in North of Italy, tell me. Maybe we can have a GTG. :)


> Does anyone have any experience with Discover Spain tour/trips offered by
> Iberia and Central Holidays? or with Central Holidays? or with Iberia?

I've only experienced Iberia and it is like Alitalia or Air France.

Ciao Simona, Italy