Subject: Re: New to this list.
Dear Geoffrey,

You wrote:

>We are Linda &Geoff and we live in Wales, UK. We both retired early so
>we have plenty of time for travel!!

I don't know much about the Istanbul or Turkey, so I can't offer you travel advice (one day I'll be well-traveled enough to do so). But, you do live in a area that is of special interest to me. This summer, I'm going to be in the UK with my boyfriend for 15 days and we are going to use the BritRail pass to travel around through England, Scotland, and Wales.

However, we have no idea what are some interesting sites to see in Wales? I have read up on a few places, but we don't want to go where tourists are just swamping everything. Is there any advice that you could offer us? We are going to be in the UK from late June to July 15.

Thanks so much.

Mandy Huffman