Subject: Re: Greetings to all!!
Hi Kai,

> There is one thing I want to know, but I feel unhappy to ask.
> Because our cultures are difference and I am sure my question is impolite.
> Now I decide to ask this question. Please excuse me if my question annoy
> you.

We are friends here, wanting to learn about each other and our cultural differences, so I don't think any of us is offended by your question.

> What is the average age of all members?. I think most members have retired
> and age more than 60

On the Onelist TheTravelzine web site, you can find the profiles of the subscribers to our discussion group, many of whom have included their ages.

> The reason for my curiousity is:-
> I am 43 and I want to be a travel expert , but I can not because I have to
> work and make money. How can most members be travel expert and work at the same
> time.

In our case, when Don was working we could only be away for short periods of time and most times opted for visiting our families as we never had the luxury of living near them. But all the while, we fed our need to learn about other places, by doing lots of reading - and dreaming. Then finally retirement came and the adventure began. Our dreams have become reality and the internet has added a dimension we'd never even contemplated. We are indeed lucky to be living in these times.

Cheers, Linda&Don