Subject: Re: Greetings to all!!

I think the age is not an important factor in the list. As you have seen there are under 20 as well as over 60 (BTW I am 27). And not all of the people in this list have a big travel experience, it's also nice to help the others staying at home and reading messages: in my personal case it makes me dream of travelling in places I probably will never go and learn about different cultures.

At the same time, travelling doesn't necessarily mean spending a lot of money (like I say in my line at the end of my messages). I am a student, so you understand that I don't have a lot of money. BTW, I had chances to travel almost all over Europe (miss only 5 countries!), backpacking style, staying in cheap hostels, putting a tent in parks, or staying at friend's homes; sometimes also finding some short term job (bars, hostels, ...). And last year I had the great chance to go to the States for my first time, thanks to some very nice people that either hosted me or took me around their town (and 2 of these people are in this list! Thanks again).

So, the same travel can be made with different styles and different expenses, just try to see what suits better your necessities.

Flavio in Rome