Subject: Re: Digest Number 8
Hi Kai,

> What is the average age of all members?. I think most members have retired
> and age more than 60

> The reason for my curiousity is:-

> I am 43 and I want to be a travel expert , but I can not because I have to
> work and make money. How can most members be travel expert and work at the
> same time.

I'm 32 and work like you. I work many hours during the day and have few holidays. Anyway every chance is good to travel around. Also if you don't go that far. Travel is not only to visit but to improve your culture and open your mind, talking with different people with different cultures. Travel is one of that things that you can do being rich and having a lot of time or being on budget and having few time. It depends on your organization, and there are tons of opportunities to travel without spending a lot of money. I think one of the purpose of these lists can be this. You can know more about the country you want to visit, before you leave. You can have really good tips on how not to waste your money and time. Last but not least, you can have some really new good friends!

Ciao Simona, Italy