Subject: Our trip to Italy
My husband Tom has just complete the account of our trip to Italy this last Christmas, and I am wondering how people want me to post it to this list. He has written it in Word 6.0. It is quite long and so I would have to send it in segments. Perhaps Linda can reply to the list on this subject, and anyone else can reply to me personally.

I have been a member of Travel-L for several years (at least 3) and so I think most people here know who I am. My husband is retired and I do some computer instruction and accounting on a part-time basis. We try to take at least one major trip abroad a year. In 1998/99 it was to Italy (Rome mostly) and in 1997 we went to India for six weeks. We have also made extended trips to Thailand, Greece, Turkey, Egypt, Brittany, Spain and Portugal, northern Poland and Tunisia during the past ten years, and many years ago we were in New Zealand for ten months and Hong Kong for twenty months. We are in our mid 60's for those collecting information on the age of subscribers.

By the way, we plan to be in Philadelphia and Washington, DC, at the end of May and beginning of June and would be happy to meet with any list members at that time.

Ann Widdowson Victoria, BC