Subject: Re: talking anbout one's age

>Kai, I am a 50 year old woman living in Montana which is fairly isolated as far as the US goes. Getting from one place to the other here is time consuming. I have traveled to parts of Europe and work so I can travel. I am lucky to have a job where I work at two seperate locations for the same company. In between season, I have 6-7 weeks off in which I can do some traveling. At the moment I am looking for some help with information on places to stay in Florence and the Naples area, specifically Ischia in September. We need to stay as close to or under $100 USD as possible. Don't need the RitZ but cockroach's are out too! Thanks to any who can help. Anyone need info on Yellowstone Park, Glacier Park, Jackson Hole or Dude Ranches feel free to e-mail me personally or on this site. Pamela.