Subject: Travel plans
Hello Samona

Italy is high on our priority list - together with about 50 other countries :-). There is much to see and experience in South Africa. I trust that your opportunity to visit our country comes soon. I don't know about the lira, but anyone with US dollars, British pounds or euros should find South Africa fairly cheap, judging by the exchange rates.

Thanks for your useful comments on our intended trip to Spain and Portugal. We take your suggestions seriously. Perhaps we should restrict our visit to Portugal. What do you (or anyone else on the list) think of the idea, as an alternative, to start in Barcelona, to rent a car and to drive along the northern coast of Spain to Santiago and then south via Oporto to Lisbon and from there to Madrid for a flight home (possibly fitting in a day trip to Toledo from Madrid). We enjoy historical towns, the countryside, the natural landscape and the less touristy places, amongst others.

Maans Kemp