Subject: Re: Spain and Portugal
Hello Maans,

Thanks for your kind comments about our Portugal travelogue. Although we have been to Spain, it was long before we began taking detailed notes and writing travelogues. It was also before we were able to network via the internet and prepare as well as we can these days. Perhaps that is why our experience in Portugal was so much more enjoyable than our visit to Spain. Also, as food is such an integral part of our enjoyment of travel, Portugal had an edge there as well. Not just in the style of preparation but in the customary hours for mealtimes which in Portugal are very similar to our normal lifestyle. Having dinner at 22:00 just doesn't sit well with us.

We are returning to Portugal next month. Our internet friends in Coimbra, Isabel and Paulo, about whom we wrote, will be married in early June. Prior to their wedding, we will visit the Douro valley, which we missed last time. We have heard that it is wonderful and since you're driving, you should definitely plan to include that area in your itinerary. Also in your car, you would be able to visit the towns surrounding Evora in Alentejo. We couldn't get to those places as the public transportation in that area is very unsynchronized.

We are of the belief that LESS is MORE. Were your two weeks ours, we would not consider doing more than Portugal - and covering it all in two weeks will hardly be possible unless you are content with just a hasty tasty approach. If you are able to fly into Lisbon, stay there for the first couple of days and arrange to pick up your rental car as you prepare to depart the city. It is definitely not the place to drive!

With the information above and the itinerary in our travelogue, you should be able to design your trip. When our friend and list member Grace Cattarossi returns from her trip in May, she may be able to add to what we have said.

Hope that helps, Linda&Don