Subject: Iberia
On 2 Apr 99, at 14:56, Maans Kemp wrote:

> We have two weeks available in September/October and would like to go
> to Iberia. We know we can only see a little bit. The big question for us is
> which little bit: Portugal only, a part of Spain only, something of both Spain
> and Portugal, a few of the ciities only, mainly the rural areas (we love
> driving tours), etc. We know we will have to make the decision, but any
> suggestions along the line of A brief introduction to Spain/Portugal - the
> top priorities would be most helpful.

First of all remember the holy word that told you D&L, with one addition: Not only Lisboa, but No european city is a good place to drive ... Second, touring spain and portugal together in 15 days is not feasible: The area is larger than you would expect, say it is at least 40 hours by car doing the round trip. I did last summer and of 15 days (I did not arrived to portugal but only to westmost point of Iberia, Cabo Fisterra) at least 4 gone on the trip. Road are among the best in europe, but even at 120 on ordinary road the km are a lot .... I would suggest toi linit to a part of Peninsula, West (Portugal&Galicia - Seafood is excellent there, in Galicia do not buy wine that is not very good, due wet climate, beer is good) or Mediterranean (Sevilla-Malaga-Alicante-barcelona- Girona) (wine here is good, prices a little higher than on the west). Going on the centre ( Madrid, Toledo, Avila, Valladolid, Burgos, Sahagun, Leon. Astorga, Segovia, Oviedo ) is a way to get more cities, but IMHO you would end in a tour-de-force on best I.T. tradition !!! Of course if you like to drive Spain is for you .... would say the most intersting, for different reason are Barcelona and Oviedo, my next trip in the area of course should be Madrid. Very good friends recommend instead Portugal as a place for a vacation ... If you want to make a driving vacation could be nice following the camino de Santiago, from Pamplona to Santiago, there are a lot of Hostales and a lot of small and medium cities worth a visit, beside Burgos and Oviedo .... (from santiago yoou could go to Vigo, porto and lisbona, if you can arrange an open jaw trip ...) Leonardo Boselli