Subject: Re: Rick Steves???
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> I got a question, hope nobody takes it personal.
> Who is Rick Steves? I know he's a books writer, but there are several,
> he's not the only one.
> And why, if you ask some American the reason of visiting a place that
> can be nothing special or even ugly they always answer Rick Steves
> wrote about it? I noticed that many people trust more in what this
> person writes than in what I can say knowing the place surely better
> than him!!!

Hi Flavio, Rick is a rather hip guy, he writes about things the average traveler would like and he also educates and seems to know a lot. His books are great, he does encourage getting out from the tourist traps and instead blending with the locals. His hotel/motel suggestions are always reasonable as well, he does not believe that a great travel experience involves staying at plush and grand (read upscale) places. He finds nice local eateries, nice off the beaten path secrets, and usually nice locals. Several years ago while I was in Rotenburg I got a 10% discount at a shop just because I was carrying his book. Now that's a good thing. I was in Assisi years ago and his book guided me (step by step) through the basilica, much better than the local guide we were with. I really enjoy his information as well, he is coming from a perspective that I can understand, greet and embrace with ease. He does have a website and here is a link to it if you would like to explore:

check him out and judge for yourself! Amelia