Subject: Re: Rick Steves or local ?
On 3 Apr 99, at 13:27, Flavio wrote:
> Who is Rick Steves? I know he's a books writer, but there are several,
> he's not the only one.
> wrote about it? I noticed that many people trust more in what this
> person writes than in what I can say knowing the place surely better
> than him!!!

You are both right: You are two different people, two different minds, two differnt culture, TWO DIFFERERENT TASTE . A people used to travel can give a certain kind of suggestion, one is living in actual place could see tha thinghs from another point of view. You should join the two ideas, and then deceide yourself. I have found boring and uninteresting places following specialized guides, as well found myself in boring and uninteresting places following advices of natives. For example a road surrounded by typical building, that one cross every day could not be interesting at first glance for a native, but instead he would try to get you to a typical pub, where you coul meet a lot of nice, but unknown people, or to a local fair, that for the local is the top event of the year ... On the other hand the canonic guide could forget some places that are of limited interest for general public, but of extreme interest for some categories, or bias their comment to a certain area of interest. Always when someone ask me for suggestion i ask them: What are your main interests ? I am usually leaning toward industrial archeology, a subject where most written guides do not dig much. I know a lot of places and actually most of people that come with me had such interests. If one tell me that have no interest in one of the area of mine i try to arrange for him a travel plan that would allow him/her the best use of his/her limited time available. Sometimes there are places that are more interesting than other, but when faced of the choose of going to the most interesting only or tho second and third most intersting, that are very nearby wha\t would do ? For example if you have a general interest i would suggest the second option, that would give you more flavours. Other things that the local can give you are local information, such what is the way to get one place, or opening hours of a certain museum, or some days to avoid (local holydays when you would find everything closed, or all the world with the wife in the same place) .

So my final note: trust everyone, but do not trust completely anyone .... Leonardo Boselli Firenze