Subject: Re: Italian Lakes

>> Dear Don &Linda, I have loved reading about your travels on your
>> travelzine site and discovered that we share a few favourite places.
>> We were in Ouray in May of 94 and agree that it is a very special
>> place. I am currently researching a trip to Italy and France (alas
>> only 2 weeks) for October of this year. My husband and I belong to
>> different frequent flyer clubs and will meet in Milan, train to Venice
>> staying 3 nights (he has never been), then to the Italian Lakes. My
>> problem is choosing the lake and the town for a two night stay
>> including our 24th anniversary. From the lakes we plan to take the
>> train through Stresa - Martigny - St Gervais les Bains - Annecy. We
>> have heard that this is a train trip not to be missed, but a long one
>> involving changing trains and an early start (930am from Milan). I
>> feel we might be better off going straight from Venice to Stresa and
>> staying there for the two nights. This would mean a departure of 1045
>> from Stresa and a much less stressful start. However, your
>> decription of Bellagio made it sound perfect for our anniversary.
>> Perhaps staying in Como would be a compromise - relatively easy to
>> get to Milan by 945am. Can you advise? I am an avid gardener and
>> food lover so good restaurants and nice gardens would be attractions.
>> Both lakes sound beautiful - I have heard both described as the more
>> romantic. Who to trust? I am a Californian who moved to Sydney,
>> Australia in '74. If you ever need advice about a holiday downunder
>> please don't hesitate to ask. Thanks for your help! Good
>> travelling! Regards,Connie