Subject: Which Area of Paris
I have managed to get info. on quite a few recommended 2 star hotels, spread throughout Paris. Which area would be the best to use as a base, to go on walking tours throughout this great city. My wife likes the look of the Montmartre area, but I am not too sure. Is it too touristy. We love history, architecture and taking photographs of the locals going about their day to day business. We also love shopping but not at the chic. or high priced outlets. Could someone please come up with some ideas. While surfing one of the many news lists I came across these interesting web sites on Paris. The following web site contains photos of something like 350,000 addresses in Paris. All you do is enter the street address and up comes a photo as well as a list of nearby shops. You might be able to look at a photo of your hotel:

The yellow pages directory is as follows:

I used these two addresses myself and found it to be a lot of fun

A lot of good useful info on France can be found at:

Thanks in advance, Richard.