Subject: Re: Which Area of Paris
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> Which area would be the best to use as a base, to go on walking tours
> throughout this great city. My wife likes the look of the Montmartre area,
> but I am not too sure. Is it too touristy

Hi Richard, My Mother always stays in the Montmartre because she is an Artist and likes that sort of thing, it is a little far from the Seine but with the Metro it takes minutes. We stayed in the 4th Arrondissement (Latin Quarter) area and loved it, but beware that prices are slightly higher here and the location cannot be beat! I have stayed in the Opera district as well and that was nice, good location and very convenient. Everyone loved the Marais district and the Rue Rosiers is a wonderful neighborhood to be in. I have also heard that the Rue Clar is really nice to stay in. I would not get to hung up on this, figure out the areas you plan on being in the most and plan from there. Paris is abundant with things to see and places to stay, have fun preparing! From what you have said, I would definitely check into the Rue Clar area, it sounds like it is right up you ally! Amelia