Subject: Re: Which Area of Paris
Hi Linda, Sorry but I screwed up, I stayed (last May) in the 6th (Latin Quarter) and called it the 4th! Oops! The Marais is a wonderful district, I spent some time there and found a cyber cafe in a Jewish Deli! There is really no bad district, the Metro is easy and everywhere. Don't forget to go to the top of the Samaritine for the view, it is wonderful. I visited the Marmotton Museum and loved it. I finally visited Pere Lachise after so many times missing it on past visits. We really enjoyed walking through the cemetery and identifying all the interesting and famous characters that reside there now. We found a wonderful Restaurant in the 6th (thanks to Sally Watkins) that we really enjoyed, I can consult my notes if you would like. May Day in Paris last year was crushing and huge, I never heard so many interesting speeches in subways and I found it almost overwhelming. I had spent three and a half days in Paris and was ready to leave but as I said the holiday was oppressive. Still, Paris is always pleasant to reflect back upon. Amelia