Subject: Re: Italy Suggestions
First idea coul be to get a bicycle and wander around, S. Gimignano could be a nice base, or just doing in an itinerant way ... So you could go to Pienza, Montepulciano, Cortona, Bibbiena, Poppi, Vallombrosa, Fiesole, Scarperia, Firenzuola, Marradi, then back to Firenze to Greve,Panzano,Siena Or south to the small town on top of hills around maremma, with a lot of archeological sites, such S. Quirico, Montalcino, Murlo, Pari, Giuncarico, Roselle, Sovana, Saturnia (bath under the hot cascade), then turn north to Massa marittina, Lardarello, Volterra.
> Rome, so have 6 days to fill. Naples? Ischia? The western coast? I'm open You are open, but I do not know of your interests. When you say western coast what do you want to say ? You do not like push bikes on hilly roads ? six days: by train you could do Siena**-Asciano*-!Chiusi*-Cortona*- Perugia**!-Assisi**-Foligno*!-Terni-Aquila*-Sulmona*!-Isernia- Napoli**!-Roma ( ! are places where to sleep ) Whith following notes: Asciano:visit the monastery of M.Oliveto [3h inclusive of the walk] Chiusi: go to the museum, ask there for other suggestion [4h] Cortona: The old city on top of hill, there are a couple of interesting museums. [4h] Perugia: The city (From Fontivegge station either walk or go to Ponte S.Giovanni station, and get a connection to S. Anna [5h] . Assisi: A lot of things, but you should absolutely do the the move from the station (near the S. Maria degli Angeli church, do not miss it) to the center of the city on the straight pedestrian road, not by bus (You can get it back) [6h] Foligno [2.5h but skip if you do not find a good train connection, some people prefer Spello, just decide when you are on the train ... Assisi, Spello and Foligno are just subsequent stops] Spoleto: never been, so i cannot say anything .... Terni [exit the station only if you do not find a good connection to Aquila] Aquila: The castle and its museum (only open on morning) and the 99 taps fountain (near the station) [ 3 h, if you are short of time just the 99 taps fountain between one train and the other] Sulmona: Buy the confetti there [3h] Sulmona to Napoli: it is one of the most scenic rail routes in Italy (Only two trains a day ... one in early morning, the other at 15) Napoli: You can stay 2 days or more ....

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