Subject: Re: R: Re: Italy Suggestions
On 5 Apr 99, at 15:06, andrea conforti wrote:
> only some words.
> Don't you think the tour you're proposing it's just a bit pant pant-ful
> and exausting? All the places you list are, at least, very interesting,
> but everything alltogether, well, .... let's think about quality, rather
> than quantity.

I admit: it could be a little pant-pant , but he asked for filling 6 days, with exploration, no driving , so I just put my suggestion for an exploration in less beaten paths (apart for Assisi, that however is much less beaten than for what it worths). About the feasibility: For the trip by bike, i did many of the legs myself, and are entirely feasible, for the one by train: I did actually it on 3 weekend between 1996 and 1998. And I say weekend, leaving home (Pisa) on Saturday morning and coming back on Sunday evening ! Most of places are place where you would like to come back another time, but usually not to stay a long time (It could be this the reason why they are less beaten ...). (only possible exception could be Perugia and Assisi. My alternate suggestion could be fron Siena getting a bus to Foligno, from there there moving, with St.Francis horse, to Spello , lodge there, then walk to the Subasio and get to Assisi from the  backdoor ... Stay one day, a walk to S. Maria degli Angeli (get a train to Perugia) there another 1 1/2 day Assisi and again train to Cortona, and then to roma: More quiet, althought less exploring. But please: If you want to get the charme of the city of Perugia, do not get the bus at Fontivegge, but reach the city by train from P.S.G. !!! (Get the bus on the way back). Other way to fill 6 days could be from Roma-Napoli-Siracusa (overnight by train, 1 1/2 days in siracusa, move to catania on 2nd evening or trd morning, on 4th morning train or bus to Agrigento, go strainght to the temple valley, after that visit (about 6 hours) train to Palermo or get a bus to Selinunte so on 5th day you visit that area and then again train to Palermo on 6th day evening after having gone to Monreale ( 15' by bus from palermo) ferry to napoli and train to roma or directly (no connections, but a bit slower and less comfortable) by train.