Subject: Milan
Hi Connie,

Since I live in Milan I don't know hotels a part from their names. You can check on It's written also in english.

Not far from Linate airport there is a wonderful restaurant (quite expensive, but really worth) called I Valtellina (Valtellina is a mountain area in Lombardia, which is the region of Milano). The food there is great. But I'll check with my brother (he knows more restaurants then me :) if in the central area he can recommend something. Regarding Malpensa, there used to be a bus from the central train station to Malpensa airport every half an hour and the price was about Lit. 5.000. Now that the airport has been improved, I think there will be more choice. During this week end I should go to Milano and I'll check it out.

Ciao and I hope you'll enjoy. Simona