Subject: Re: Hill Towns - Italy
part 1: Assisi, Orvieto, Cortona in order of preference part 2: Better going lucca and spare at least 4 hours for pisa. If you go there i suggest getting a train at Lucca, in pisa unboard at Pisa-SanRossore station, that is just 350m from the cathedral. There is the cathedral, the belltower, the baptistry and the manumental cemetery. Most interesting of the four is the cathedral, visit the inside of it. Most tourist trips stop there. i suggest walk going to piazza dei Cavalieri, going toward the museum of S.Matteo, on the other side of the river there is a small medieval, Octagonal, church thai is unique in its kind. I do not remember the name, is not often mentioned by the guides, but sulery worth a visit. Then along the river in fron of the mucipiple, the lodge where was held the market, and you reach the church of S. maria della Spina. If go a little further after the church of S.paolo in riva d'Arno you will find on the other side of river the cittadellaand the museum of Arsenale where are held temporary show (It is expected to be the home of the five roman ships recently found on the site os S.Rossore station) . On left you see the medieval portual buildings, and with a few meter you will reach the central station ... consider 2.5 to 5 hours, according your pace and expecially how much time you will stop at each place