Subject: Re: Hill Towns and Italy

I agree completely with your recommendations ,especially about taking more time in Pisa. I don't recall the street (it may be either via Roma or via Santa Maria) where there is a fabulous pastry shop there--I do recall that it is a short walk from the Piazza d. Duomo). At this bar one can have terrific coffee with a marvelous choice of pastries. Also, there are snacks, good panini etc. available.

While the subject is about hill towns, I don't think Pisa or Lucca are hill towns. Wouldn't you agree Leonardo?

Don and Linda's travelogues are terrific sources of on the ground travelogues which can be found at

Other interesting resources are The Eyewitness Guide to Florence and Tuscany, the travel book Italy Revealed by Charles Fitzroy and a book entitled (a think it is) Hill Towns of Tuscany.