Subject: May weather in Switzerland
Hi to those in fear of rain in Switzerland---I have 2 great sites for checking weather and will forward them to Don and Linda for publication on this site. The addresses are complex, so I hope it will work for you.

We have had 2 recent trips to Switzerland--Berner Oberland-- in June, 1997 and October, 1998 and both were rainy, foggy, et al. As most of the gondola trips will not be running in May, I think you will see as much as you would have seen otherwise. The trains are on half schedule during May--that is half of the summer schedule, and keep that in mind if you are traveling via train passes.

We found that in June of 1997, the weather was the same all over Europe except for Italy. We had booked an apartment so we stayed in Wengen, but you may still have the option of reworking your plans if you get there and find the weather not to your liking. Gretchen [Moderator: ]