Subject: Hotel near Athens
Hi Margaretha, The town of Kifissia would be a perfect place for you to to stay because it is linked to Athens by the Metro line which would take you right to Monastiraki, near the Plaka and the Acropolis, etc.

I have a hotel guide from 1997 so the prices are ridiculously outdated. There is a B class (Greece has its own rating system, perhaps it is changing now?) hotel, NAFSIKA, 6 Pellis, 14561 Kifissia - Tel: 01-801.3495 or 01-801.8027 or 01-801.3556. And a couple of A class hotels whose prices seem relatively all right pricewise: SEMIRAMIS, 48 Har. Trikoupi &Filadelfeos, Kefalari 14562. Tel: 01-808.8101/5 or 01-808.8106 and THEOXENIA PALACE, 2 Filadelpheos &Kolokotroni, Kefalari 14562. Tel: 01-801.2751 or 802.2765 or 801.6810 or 801.6742 or 01-801.6862. None have listed FAX numbers or emails.

If you have a Greece National Tourist Organization near you, suggest that you contact them for the FAX numbers, if available now. Otherwise, you could FAX the Hellenic Chamber of Hotels in Athens, to ask for the Fax numbers of these hotels - or maybe get their suggestions about which hotel suits your price range?? Their FAX number is (01) 924.7341.

Perhaps Joanna will have pearls of wisdom to add! :-) Hope that helps. Linda&Don