Subject: Hotel near Athens
Ciao from Athens, For the moment I don't suggest any hotel, because I have asked to a friend of mine, who is travel agent, to find the current prices of the hotels she proposes to her clients.

About Linda's proposal: although I adore the district of Kifissia, I believe it's very far away from the city center. The last train of the metro for Kifissia is about 11.30 from the station of Omonia square or Monastiraki, so if Margaretha has not a car, she has to pay for a taxi. Note that the life in Athens starts in 11.00 the evening (until 3-4.00 the morning...).

Of course in Kifissia there are a lot of entertainment places, like restaurants, bars, tavernas, cafes etc., but Margaretha if this is the first time you come to Athens, I believe you have not to miss the life in Plaka, the old and traditional neighborhood of Athens.

I was in the process of proposing an hotel in Pireas or in Falire or in Glyfada, because these districts are close to the sea.

>From Pireas you can also take the metro, but as it's much closer to Athens' center, a taxi after midnight is not so expensive.

And a question: Are you planning to rent a car to go to Delphi? When exactly will you be in Athens? Bye for now. Joanna