Subject: Hotel near Athens
Ciao again from Athens, I have asked from my friend travel agent to find the prices for the available hotels in Kifissia. Until now I have not her offers. As Kifissia is an exclusive suburb of Athens which combines the green of the countryside with all the facilities of a town, BUT not a tourist area, the existing hotels there are either for couples (illegitimately or not) or for the employees/collaborators of companies.

I have asked friends and colleagues, who live in Kifissia to tell me which are the normal hotels and which are for couples.

Waiting for my friend's offer, I have called by my own the normal hotels and I asked the prices.

Here are the results per day:

Hotel Semiramis (4*) normal price for a double room with breakfast is 50000 drachmes. The operation manager, after negotiations, told me he can give me the price which is specific for companies: 40750 drachmes. The location of that hotel is in a central street of Kifissia and maybe there is some noise.

Hotel Theoxenia (4*) normal price for a double room with breakfast is 48000 drachmes. There are special rooms, recently renovated, with cost between 60000 and 70000. They don't give me a discount. The hotel is also located in a central street of Kifissia and there is some noise, especially the night..

Hotel Grand Chalet (3* typically, better in my opinion) normal price for a double room with breakfast is 48000 drachmes and without breakfast 40000. They don't give me a discount. The hotel is not exactly in Kifissia, but in Politia, the richest suburb of Athens. You need a car to stay here.

I don't propose hotel NAFSIKA (it's for couples).

There are also two superb luxury hotels 5 star: Pentelikon and Kefalari Suites. For Kefalari Suites I don't know the price. From Pentelikon they have given a price for a double room without breakfast 96000 drachmes and 5000 drachmes per person for the breakfast. Note that the current exchange rate is 1 USD = about 285 drachmes.

There is something else I have to add: All the above hotels are not close to the metro station of Kifissia. The closer one is about 30 minutes (or more) normal walking from the metro.

Margaretha, when I will have news, I will send them to you. If you want, you can contact directly my travel agent. She has an Internet mail account. I can also propose you what you have to see while in Athens, where and what to eat and drink and other practical tips.

If you have, you can also organize a gtg. Ciao and have a nice weekend. Joanna