Subject: Madrid Hotels -Simona 's request
Hey Simona, I was impressed by Geoffrey Lewis ' description of Bancotel, coupons. ( He is a fellow Ziner from Wales) He has been buying Bancotel Talonarios, good for 5 nights in Spain and thus staying at good hotels for the unbeatable rate of aprox 50 dollars a night. Bancotel Talonarios are available through Spanish Travel Agencies. Once you have access to their list surely you can choose one hotel near your working area. Some restriction s apply.

Some years ago I have stayed often at Gran Hotel Colon, located in the Plaza of the same name, they have daily and weekly rates. The good thing for stays a week long or more is that in the same building they have a bar-restaurant, a restaurant and a self service all with the same kitchen. So the same good food is available on premises for different prices .There is of course room service too. To top this the Gran Hotel Colon, is like an apartment hotel rated four stars ( at the time Placido Domingo lived there), so it has 4 stars service, but all units have a full kitchen which is nice to have during long stays. Even if only to have a cold drink in the fridge or a bite in the middle of the night. Again this was some ten years ago so I do not know if things are the same still, but you can check. Sorry I do not have their phone number, but any Spanish Tourist office can give it to you.

Buena suerte. Graziella

PS We were in Madrid for only one night last April, there was a feria in Madrid and not a room in sight!!!! because I did not have the Gran Hotel Colon 's number I didn 't call them, but I called some 15 hotels to get the same answer : Lo siento estamos llenos.... thanks God the clerk at Butget rent a car recommended us a three star hotel near Plaza Espana , which wasn ' t terrible but not that good, the rate was with taxes aprox 11.500p I am telling you this so you can have an idea of how much they charge and realize what a bargain the Bancotel Talonarios are !!!! Most hotels in Spain quote rates without the 7% tax and breakfast is additional.