Subject: Re: More South Africa -Reply
I do not wish to comment directly on these facts and perceptions - we are all entitled to our own perceptions. I do, however, want to mention a few facts which may give another perspective, and which may be useful to travellers to South Africa.

1. My brother-in-law lives just south of Johannesburg and works close to the centre of the city. He travels to work and back each day in his car and lives a normal life. 2. Close friends of ours live near the Johannesburg international airport and go about their daily business like any normal family. 3. Two months ago I flew to Johannesburg for business, rented a car at the airport and drove on my own to Vanderbijl Park, 100km south of Johannesburg. From there I drove through Johannesburg to Pretoria and from there to the airport for my flight back home. 4. In June this year my family and I will be travelling by car to Johannesburg to visit my brother-in-law and his family as well as friends in Johannesburg and Pretoria. Then we will be driving to the Pilanesberg National Park near Sun City where we will enjoy a camping holiday for a week before driving back home right through the centre of South Africa (more than 1 000km). 5. Our two sons study at university in Stellenbosch, 50km from Cape Town. They often drive into Cape Town for pleasure. 6. Friends and relatives of ours live in different parts of Cape Town and go about their business and leisure like any other normal family. 7. My wife and I regularly drive to Cape Town and back in our car to visit our children, relatives and friends. During our most recent visit we drove north from Cape Town to visit relatives in a small village 250km from Cape Town. From there we drove back home by another road (800km).

Maans Kemp Port Elizabeth South Africa