Subject: My trip in Australia
Hi travelers,

I came back in Italy after a 6 weeks trip in Australia. It was very exciting and beautiful for the nature, people and experiences. I arrived a Sydney in March the 21st and, 5 days after, I traveled up to Cairns along the cost. I spend a weekend in the outback (in Barcaldine, a town of 1500 persons less touristic ) visiting a person who I met during travel along the cost. The live in outback is very different from the cost side and, I think, every traveler in Australia must visit outback. Very interesting are the rain forests where there are many particular vegetation. About rain forest I would to thank the travelers that advise me to visit Eungella National Park near Makay: it was wonderful both for nature and for the fact that it is less touristic. An other attraction that nobody can miss is the Great Reef Barrier with its colors and rich fauna.

I enjoyed my trip in Australia not only for the nature but for the people who I meet too. It was my first time that I traveled alone backpackers style, prevision time I traveled with my friends, in Australia is very easy to stay in hostels (or backpackers). Travel with friends is beautiful and amusing but, when you travel alone you are more predispose to meet people than when you travel with friends!. I met a Spanish boy during my trip. It was wonderful because, after the first 15 minute when we tried to speak in English, I started to speak Italian and he started to speak Spanish but I never study Spanish and he never study Italian too: we understood each other!!!! It was wonderful!!!!! I met a Swiss girl who work in the Outback and she ask me to meet her at her home a weekend. I met also a man (with parents from Italy) that take me at airport with his car the last day.

Traveler alone is more beautiful than I thought !

How do you think about travel alone ? Which is your experience about traveler alone ?

Ciao, Marco from Milan (Italy).