Subject: Pilgrims and Middle Ages
:)Subject: El Camino and the Middle ages too...

Thank you Graziella!

I have been looking for books on the Pilgrimage (I've never heard it called El Camino)... I was getting so frustrated I was going to write my own when I got back in August, I might still, Who knows?

Where do you live? It sounds like you know the area pretty well. Lots of rain eh? I was hopping for some hot, tanning with 30SPF sunscreen weather! But I will make sure to prepare for the rain now that I know. Not like rain is anything new to me living on the coast. What are the temperatures like? How is the land layout (forest, historical sites, communities, BUGS)?

Medieval History, I agree is plagued with many misconceptions from the older generations. However, a lot of the younger profs are now more willing to look at not just data but a lot of other things: literature as a source of social behavior, link between the land and water with communitiesart and architecture... the list goes on. I'm planning on combining a degree in Archaeology with my historical learning so that I may be able to have M A artifacts and combine them with the knowledge, not to go conclusions, like the elders, but to give a well substanciated theory. It's lots of fun to prove dead people wrong. this is part of the reason why the Road to Santiago is so important to me.

As fro medieval women, they have beed given the short end of the stick. They were indispensable to men, their lack of freedom (even nuns) made older male historians believe that they weren't worth time to analyse deeply

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