Subject: Packing suggestions?
Hi. I was having problems using my school mail server, so I had to resort to AOL, so I suppose I have two subscriptions going at the same time. Oh well, I guess that's more mail for me to check. In any case, I'm the same person :-)

Hi everyone! I've been sitting and watching everyone for the past month or so, not really saying much of anything because I've been so tied up with school. Now that I'm out for the summer, I'm getting everything squared away for my study abroad month in France and the fun 20 days I'll be speding with my boyfriend traveling the UK after we wrap up the program in France. We found an awesome backpack that can be carried like a duffel bag or rolled on wheels (or of course, like a good ole backpack) and it has a detachable day pack for walking through the cities and countryside with goodies. Now, the hard part is finding what to take, and what not to take. This list is coming right off the top of my head, so I may have left some things out...if I did, let me know. I'd love any help anyone could offer in wardrobe suggestions or paring down what I've got. I'm a notorious overpacker :-)

May 28th-July 15th (Angers, France - England - Wales - Scotland)

Two long black skirts Two pairs black pants One or two pairs of jeans Two pair khaki shorts Two tank tops Two long sleeve shirts Four T-shirts Pajamas Sandals and tennis shoes for walking Rainjacket (folds into small square) Socks (three pair -- certainly no more) Undies -- enough to get by and still be clean One black sleeveless dress (we have a reception that we have to dress up for) Small black sandals for black clothes Toiletries bag/Prescriptions Power converters/adapters

I think this is what I had packed in my trial run, and it fit in one of those suitcases that rolls, yet it is small enough to be classified a carryon. It didn't seem heavy at all, and most of the items (except the jeans -- which I have to have) are either very wrinkle resistant, or they could be folded up into very very small bundles (especially the skirts, and black pants...and most of the shirts). I think just about anything I have picked to wear can be layered for cooler weather, and I can pick up a sweater as I need it when I realize I can't stand the cold. I have a feeling that will be the case in England/Scotland for sure.

I have no idea what the weather/temperatures are like for these regions this time of year, so if anyone has any information, I would greatly appreciate it. I welcome any suggestions for the list (additions and deletions)...and I'll let you know how the packing is going.

Thanks :-)

Mandy Huffman ahuffma also at Turbospeak