Subject: Re: Packing suggestions?
Hi Mandy,

It is difficult for me as a male to give you detailed wardrobe suggestions, but I have travelled with a backpack for almost ten years just about continuously. Consider this: you can never bring enough fresh clothes for any trip over two weeks. So you have to wash clothes on the way. Take some detergent with you, and clothes that easily wash by hand and that can dry overnight. Jeans, for instance, don't. A few shirts more or less don't make much difference in weight, but especially be critical as to the amount of pants, jeans, shorts and skirts that you bring. I read somewhere that males should carry no more than 15 kilo in a backpack, and females no more than 10 kilo. I am a relatively strong man, but never carried more than 10 kilo. A big, heavy backpack is not only a burden for your body, but also on your freedom of movement. Last but not least: I always found it better to start with too little clothing. If you are forced to buy clothing on the way, it will later serve as a souvenir of the trip!


Adrie Boerefijn adrie