Subject: Re: Packing suggestions?
Hi Mandy,

The hair dryer will come in handy for drying clothes that get wet from the rain as well as your hair.

A friend of mine who lives in PA discovered a wonderful detergent for traveling--Xclaim, 14 6x6 sheets of detergent and one will do a whole washer load. I tried them out last week when we were there and found a half sheet would do about as much as I would want to wash at one time. Small pieces will do a hand wash.

If you can find this in SC, be sure to cut the sheets in half (and a few small pieces, too) with a scissors before you leave home as they do not tear. I live in SC, but could not find them in the few stores in which I checked--but you may have access to others. There is a website on the package that may help you locate them if you are interested.

I also use ziplock bags for packing things that may be used along the way so the bulk will be reduced. I used to use powdered Woolite for hand washing and that is one of the things I used the bags for--also vitamins, non-prescription drugs, etc. Be sure to do a note in the bags to identify the contents--I use the back of the box for over the counter drugs.

We (2 of us) go for 2-4 weeks in 2 rollerboards that are the size of the max size carry-on and one other smaller rollerboard that is a carry-on. We piggyback those suitcases for ease. We have a whole list of space saving ideas if you are interested.