Subject: Elba Island

it's me again just to give you some information about Elba Island. There are many beautiful places to stay, and September is a good period to stay there. On Elba Island you can experience the pure air on a hill, and the breeze coming from the sea. There are charming places on hills (Marciana, and Capoliveri, just to name two villages); plenty of quiet small beaches (La Biodola, Procchio, Fetovaia, ...), and more typical beaches such as Marina di Campo. Beside nature, Isola d'Elba is also full of history (remains of ancient cultures, Napoleon's villa, and the old jail in Porto Azzurro). I spent wonderful days with my wife at Procchio some years ago. We went there end of May, without any reservation, and at Procchio we found a newly renovated hotel facing the sea (I am not sure if the name is Il Gabbiano or Il Delfino). The best thing, however, was the small restaurant in a wooden house on the beach where they brought us mnay kinds of fish (just fished, of course), and we used to have dinner while admiring the sunset.

bye Andrea