Subject: el Camino ...and the Middle ages
Dear Jodi, I am sorry to tell you that at the present time we are living quite far from the Camino, we live in Miami Beach.I have lived in many other parts of the world but now I live here. As I said there are many great web sites regarding the camino, check there. Please check the weather, do not take my word for it, someone told me it rained a lot, and it rained a lot last April when I was there but may be it doesn t rain all year and there are times in which there is no rain. Leonardo seems to have been there...Have you Leonardo? I would love to know your experience????? I read someplace that the mayority of thsoe who walk The Way of St James today are not experienced walkers at all. Are you one of these ...? It will be fascinating to hear from you.

Have to go, we shall talk about History some other time, ok? ..Chau Graziella.