Subject: packing light
Hi Mandy &everyone else,

I swear by the wrap-around skirt for traveling! When I was in West Africa, we wore panyas (I'm sure the spelling is wrong, but that's what it sounds like). Elsewhere they are called sarapes and other things I'm sure. It's basically a thin sheet with a pretty pattern that you tie strategically around yourself as a skirt.

What's the big deal? Well, they fold up to the size of a paperback book. I've used mine not only as clothing, but as a towel, a mat to sit on, and an extra sheet for sleeping. In really hot weather they are so comfortable because your legs are shaded &if you are sweaty, your legs don't stick to bus seats etc.! But it is also like wrapping a sheet around you, so you stay warm at night. And trust me- they look nice &are versatile - you won't look like you are wearing a costume. By the way, I still wear mine sometimes here at home, but in the meantime I use them as tablecloths!!! Lydia