Subject: Packing Light
My husband and I try to travel carry on only . . . and still abide by the carry on regulations. We're usually successful when leaving for an adventure, but if we get too creative with purchases, have to send them home.

We will take some of our clothing which is becoming worn, elastic starting to give, etc so we can discard it along the way. Try to get items which go together. You may have a blazer with a wild pattern, but have pants and skirts in a solid which picks up a color in the jacket. Make sure accessories are interchangeable also. You should be able to get by with three shirts or tops, two skirts or pants, two dresses, or two more pants, or shorts, two blazers and a vest, or three jackets, one ea of casual, dressy, tennis shoes, depending on the situation. As long as your colors work with each other, you should be able to make it.

Susan Huff