Subject: Eating while travelling
Hi Koh, You have hit on another of our favorite things--eating. You are right--it is very expensive.

We take with us: an immersion heater with 220 voltage and the appropriate plug so we do not need a converter. In addition we always have 2 plastic cups and 2 spoons. We take a few tea bags, some instant coffee, some sugar and whatever else you need for coffee/tea. We also take a small knife--pack this in your checked luggage or else buy one when you get there.

With those cups we can eat cottage cheese, salad from the deli, fresh strawberries, and this will get you thinking.

Paper products are very expensive, too, so we carefully save the napkins from meals eaten out, napkins from the plane.

I assume you will be staying in a hotel with breakfast included. If there is a breakfast buffet I have seen people take an extra roll and a piece of fruit and maybe a piece of cheese with them as they leave. A plastic bag from home is a great thing to have for this lunch.

If you are staying in a private home or a B and B you will not be able to do this. In that case, we go to the bakery and pick up some already fixed sandwiches for lunch. This is important to do early as the bakeries are often closed during the lunch time. Or, you can go to the grocery store and pick up some rolls, cold meat, cheese, and fruit and keep this in your room.

Where are you staying in Muerren? We stayed at the Alpina many years ago and took the half board. It was reasonably priced and I will send you that information for last year later if I can find it as well as a website for Muerren.

Eating from the grocery store 2 meals a day will become very tiresome after a few days. What we usually do these days is to eat out at noon and eat from the store at night, in the room.

Some nice places for lunch in Wengen--I hope you are going there--is the Stubli under the Hotel Eiger where the Raclette plate is very good and the Cafe Gruebi. At the Cafe we always have the Goulash soup which is very filling. It is about 8 Sfr. Also, the Goulash soup at the top of the Schilthorn was only 9 Sfr last year. It comes with good dark bread and all is delicious.

We love to go to the bakery that is close to the Schilthornbahn in Muerren and buy rhubarb torte. This bakery is not on the main street, but a short block to the right after you pass the Co-op grocery store as you are on your way to the Schilthornbahn.

We usually carry a plastic bottle from home--and we fill it with water each morning. That way we have something to drink during the day. If you need the caffeine, try a chocolate bar from the grocery store.

When in the restaurants order plain water. If you don't you will get bottled water. Bottled water, coffee, and wine all cost the same so be sure to ask for plain water if water is what you want.

There are two major grocery stores in Switzerland--Migros and Co-op. There is a Migros neat the train station in Interlaken West; in fact, the major shopping is all around that same area. There is a co-op in Muerren and also in Wengen.

When I think of other things I will email you again and I will talk to my husband to see if he has other ideas as well as hunt up the website and the Muerren information.