Subject: Re: Intro and going to Mexico this Sunday for a week!
Good Morning Monique! And welcome!

Finally someone on their way to Mexico! Your right, you'll have a blast in Puerto Vallarta. As for what to do--THE BEACH! Sit on it and relax. Wind down. Nap. Toma una cerveza (Drink a beer, either Pacifico or if you prefer dark beers, Negra Modelo). Stroll into town, window shopping & souvenir hunting. Have a margarita, or better yet a shot of tequila (preferably a fine 100% blue agave reposado) and wash it down with another Negra Modelo. EAT! I recommend Cafe de Olla at B. Badillo 168 south of the Rio Cuale (the river that bisects the center of town). Fine Mexican cuisine. On another night dine at one of the hillside restaurants, such as, Seņor Chico's. A bit pricey but you're paying for the ambience and the view. Linger on the patio with the breezes rolling in off the Pacific while you enjoy the sunset and the lights of the city below twinkle on. Afterwards if you want to do some partying you'll find plenty of discos, estilo Hard Rock. In fact, you can go to the real thing if you so choose.

Buen viaje!

One warning for you. On the beaches and streets you will encounter quite a few friendly people trying to get you to attend a presentation for time-share condos. They can be very persistent; often offering a free breakfast with the presentation. Just be firm, but friendly, in declining their invitation. Remember that they are just trying to make a living but, of course, it is YOUR vacation and don't feel compelled to waste three hours of it listening to a sales pitch.

I, myself, am headed to your fine country. Sara (my wife) and I leave tomorrow for a ten day trip through Nova Scotia.

John Rule San Diego, CA