Subject: Re: Ireland
Hi Karen, We have been to Ireland. Everything is beautiful and there is nothing we didn't like except the hotel dining room in Dublin. I recommend you study tour books for ideas on where to go and certainly do NOT eat in hotels where large groups are planning to stay.

It does rain every day so plan on a raincoat and an umbrella as part of your plans.

Around Dublin we liked Powers Court and I did not like Glendalough at all as we could not get any food so I ate some ice cream that tasted like Cool Whip and was sick the rest of the day. No more day trips without a sandwich in my pocket.

We found the food to be excellent in the hotels and we did not like the pub food at noon. Most of the time we were with a group--Grand circle Tours so we had few choices until we went on our own for a week beyond the tour.

Cork and the area around that is supposed to be beautiful, though we did not go there. All of us liked the West coast very much. We especially liked Dingle and the Ring of Kerry and the area around Ashford Castle.

On our own we went to Kilkenny and Cashel and Killenaule. We had a car and a Michelin map of Ireland and drove the very back roads. We stayed in ensuite B and B's and loved them. People were very nice and came up and talked to you when we were out of the tourist areas.

If you want something to really show when you get home, take a series of pictures of doorways and also of pub fronts. They are, indeed, unique.

We have been to Germany, but mostly to the Bavaria area.

Sorry I can't poll you on New England as we lived in CT for a year and as I could not work that year I traveled all around for 2 days a week. We have also been to RI and MA and never been to Block Island.

Enjoy Ireland and if you get a chance to see Northern Ireland, the people on our tour who had taken the pre-trip extension were extremely happy with that part of the country.

Gretchen Winnsboro, SC (where we have lived for 31 years except for that year in CT)