Subject: Re: Packing in just a carry-on for 27 days including a wedding!

> Sally: WOW! Tips on how to accomplish this are welcome here.
> Leonardo: While going is quite easy, just carry enough for a three day trip,
> you would buy other things while enroute.
> Problem is instead for return ...

Well, first, my mantra is LESS, IS MORE - learned and refined over the years. On the plane, I'll be wearing my blue jeans with a wrinkle free blouse with elbow length sleeves and my most comfortable and trusty ankle high black boots (extra laces packed), which I will immediately remove and replace with disposable terry socks for the plane ride (another pair is packed for the return). A waterproof hooded jacket in light grey over all. Umbrella and emergency plastic rain poncho are packed.

For the wedding - a long, knit, black, sleeveless tank with a matching jacket with a bit of silver trim. The wedding shoes are low heeled, black suede backless sandals which will serve me well when I wear my other dressy outfit: a pair of black knit pants with a black knit long sleeve top or a white short sleeve stretchy fabric T shirt. (This outfit will be worn to the party the night before the wedding. Raspberry pleated neck scarf for interest if I go the all black route.) All can be worn out to dinner during the course of the trip.

I packed two other pairs of black pants (chinos and jeans), a selection of T shirts (various length sleeves, necklines, and colors) and good underwear and socks plus two pair of sandal foot black stockings. My camera, toiletries and vitamins (which are in MY bag, Gretchen!) plus 10 rolls of film in just the plastic cylinders but marked with the exp. dates on adhesive strips, which I will remove as the film is exposed. European voltage hair dryer with two prong plug (a good thing to own). Bathing suit, pool sandals and a sarong cover-up and a nite gown. All of this actually takes just about 70% of the space.

Then PLAN for needed space: The rest of the space is filled with gifts for the bride and groom and their families plus all my old and discardable socks and underwear saving space for what we will acquire during the course of the trip. We each pack a fold-up pouch which converts into an extra bag, in the unlikely event that we cannot fit our acquisitions into the planned empty space, which rarely happens.

Cheers, Linda