Subject: Re: Welcome
Hello Karen,

I have never been to the Lone Star State but one day when we return to the States. My wife and I are leaving in September of this year, travelling by rental car through the south of France. We are spending a total of six weeks, starting at Lyon, through Provence, the Dordogne area and finishing in Paris, where we plan to spend a week.

While we love touring Europe and USA, there is some great wide open spaces, where I live, New Zealand. With a total population of only 4 million, you don't have the crush of the main tourist attractions that you have in other countries. The South Island has some of the best scenery that we have encountered in our travels. The only thing that is missing, in my opinion, is the history, that Europe has in abundance. Don't get me wrong, I love Europe, but I love my country also.

Karen, Welcome to the list.