Subject: My travelogues
Hi, and thanks for the welcome! The travelogues I have written have already been published on the Travel-L Lodge website so I#ll just post the URLs. London and Italy (the top of the webpage is misleading): Newfoundland: There is one link for Boston but the link doesn't seem to be working. Maybe I#ll post it here sometime as well as one from a brief visit to New York City.

I wish I had the budget to travel more often and then I am always in a quandary, should I return to places I have been and want to see more of or should I go to new places? One place I will always return to is London because it's a convenient base to continue on to Europe and also because I have friends in the UK. There are places in Italy I would love to return to someday to see more of, Florence in particular and maybe Venice as well. But new adventures also call ! Better go check that lottery ticket! :) Diane