Subject: Walt Disney
Hello, everybody, Walt Disney is not my cup of tea...but I am a grandmother and we took our daughter, husband and two boys for a short three days visit there. In case some one is in the same boat I wish to recommend to include a visit to Celebration, this is a small town, a few minutes away from the Disney Parks, the fantastic thing this is for real, or for surreal, ...made by Walt Disney, it is a place were real people, with real lives living in a movie-set town. To have more information about Celebration : We went to the movies there, a nice movie house, had dinner in a good Spanish-Cuban restaurant, Columbia, ( the original Columbia restaurant is in Arnaud, Longboat Key on the West Coast of Florida, dating from 1903) and enjoy delicious ice creams in a beautiful old style ice cream parlor...also visited the model houses, and bought lemonade from a young girl who has set up a table and umbrella near the model houses. I tought Andy Hardy was going to come along any minute... This made our stay different from previous visits ( yes I have been there before, I have more grandchildren) , also the hotel this time was a great choice for families, The Homewood Suites Hotel , I particularly liked it for having a good location near to the Walt Disney Entrance and also because it is surrounded by pine trees, birds, flower and a small lake. The suite was pleasant and clean, with two good bedrooms and two bathrooms, plus a living room and kitchen which proved great for the children. This was$ 159 plus taxes 9 aprox 16 dollars), breakfast was included , and was ok, fruits, juices, tea, coffee, and waffles, toast, bagels etc the usual but nice. Also a good pool, a sand box for the small children and a ball playground for the teenagers, and a happy hour with drinks .( If you go be sure to ask a suite facing the lake , or woods, some face the parking lot) Ours was 526 and had a great view.3100 Prkway Blvd. 407 396 2229, fax 407 396 4833 Sorry I cannot report a more exciting destination this time. Graziella from Miami Beach.