Subject: Re: Urbino
Buona Sera Grazia,

We avoided the most important and famous Italian towns and have visited Orta San Giulio,Pordenone, Aquilea, Scarperia, Chiusi, Pienza (my favorite), Orvieto, Montalcino, Cortona and more of the smaller places. I will definitely look into the sites you mention because Urbino does sound like our kind of place. How long would it take to drive there from Chiusi? I expect we will spend much of our visit at Hotel La Querce which we really, really enjoyed.

if you don't speak Italian, I don't speak much Italian but know some Spanish so I hope to be better on the next trip. I can read it fairly well though. A site being in Italian does not stop me at all!

Thanks for all the helpful information. I may be asking more questions as our trip becomes reality.

Ciao, Janet in Riverview