Subject: Re: Seasonal Employment in England
Marco De Angeli ha scritto:

> My sister, Monica, is looking for a seasonal employment, may be in the
> touristic field (hotel or restaurant), in England for this summer to improve
> her English and catch some money (England is expensive for Italian...). Do
> you know web sites or employment agencies (preferable whit an e_mail
> address) or other advisement about seasonal employment?


as you probably know there are plenty of agencies that find you a job in England. BTW, when I asked them, they told me you have to rent the apartment or choose another accommodation through them. I already had a lady who could host me, but they told me the only chance to get the job was to rent the apartment through them. And the rent was about the same than the salary!!!! So there were not even money for eating!

My suggestion (that's what I did a few years ago) is to go there and start asking around in every bar, hotel, ...... England has some places called Job Center where you can read announcements and ask to an operator to fix an interview. (like the Italian ufficio di collocamento, but working!). I didn't have many problems: asked everywhere and after 5 days found a job in a bar.

London BTW is full of tourists and people from all over looking for a job. I would suggest a smaller town, maybe a touristic place for locals. I was in Brighton (about a hour south of London, on the beach). It's small enough to give you security (I used to walk alone at night and nobody ever bothered me) and at the same time big enough to give you everything you need. Furthermore, life is cheaper.

Ciao Flavio in Rome