Subject: Jen--Normandy
Hello Jen, well do not expect such good weather as in the South of France.!!!!!!!! One year we went to Normandy in July, took the bathing suit, instead end up buying socks, stockings, and a couple of sweaters. The beach, bathing??? ....not even once.

But the place is gorgeous, the cheeses fantastic,, you have of course Rouen with among many things a glorious cathedral, you remember of course the series of paintings by Monet, that are at the Museum of Modern Art in NY? well, this is it. Of course the cathedral took various beatings during WWII, as I recall one of the 2 towers is a masterpiece of flamboyant gothic, it is called the Tour of Beurre which sounds right in this region of cheeses and butter. If I recall it right it was paid by the people in exchange for the privilege of eaten butter at Lent. 2) Jumieges was fairly in ruins when we visited it. Nevertheless it was worth going ...maybe it has been totally remodeled by now. I do not know. 3)Bayeux is a must. It is a quaint little place but the piece of resistance not to be missed is the Musee de la tapisserie de la Reine Matilde, you know she was the wife of William the Conqueror,, it is masterly display, a long, long embroided tapestry some 20 inches wide depicting the story of the conquer of England, look for the comet Halley it is there someplace.

The Cathedral is also very beautiful.

In Bayeux we stayed in a nice and inexpensive little hotel called the Reine Matilde, (what else?) 23 Rue larcher but this was like 10 years ago.

3) Honfleur although too much of a touristic destination is also a must. The old harbor is charming, there is a fair there sometimes and it is very colorful and the Musee Boudin is worth going if you care for impressionists, he was born there. Remember him?, Van Gogh used to love his little clouds as most everybody did those days...well he was born here. We ate at la Ferme St Simeon, rue Adolphe Marais, route de trouville, this is a famous place because it is said to be the place where the impressionism was born. Courbet, and Monet and Boudin and also Baudelaire used to be around there, so they told me.

The restaurant is in the old Norman style and you can dine outdoors weather permitting. Also L'Absinthe , I remember its name, peculiar...dont you think? We ate there once too and enjoy it. Hope it is still there. and of course there are a lot of charming places and in the frontier with Brittany you have the famous, so famous that is difficult to visit in a quiet nice way for my point of view ....but of course is a must, must ...Mont St Michel. It is considered one of the most important attractions in France, and in Europe .The Benecditine Abbey is fascinating , it is very special. We tried as everyone else the omelets of La Mere Poulard, which is more of a souffle than an omelet. I think they have some rooms, but we didn stay in St Michel and left at sunset.. ( actually they sell omelets all over the place) Ok that is all I remember more or less. Good luck.