Subject: Re: Bruges
Hi, at the time , we stayed at a very nice hotel, 4 stars, it was called the Pandhotel, Pandreije 16 , this was some 10 years ago, but I suppose everything remains the same in this Middle Age Town, and ten years are nothing...good luck. 677

From: GRACE CATTAROSSI Date: Wed Jun 2, 1999 8:04pm Subject: Hotels in Annecy

Hello...we arrived at Annecy with no reservations and had a bad time finding a hotel, everything was full for some reason, so one of the hotels recommended the Crystal Hotel, or Crystal House, 20 rue L. Chaumontel without a restaurant, a few blocks from the Old Town, phone 50 57 33 90 fax 50 67 86 43, it is on the upper floor of a modern building, not particularly charming or Old World ambiance, but it is quiet French for one thing, very clean which is good, and has the modern conveniences ( TV, phone etc) and the real good part to recommend it is very inexpensive. Good luck. Breakfast of course is available. I am not sure but a plus was that I believe we left the car on the street, anyway we walked to the old town even at night. Graziella from Miami Beach.