Subject: Urbino
I see you know a lot of Italian beautiful places that are not a usual aim for tourists. You should be real travellers. If Pienza is your favourite town, I'm sure you'll enjoy Urbino, its narrow streets,the colour of the bricks at the sunshine, the open landascape and the hills towards Toscana or Romagna. Urbino is not very far from Chiusi, about 200 Km., but it will probably takes a quite long time to pass across the Appenines, unless you take advantage of your trip walking the route of Piero della Francesca from Arezzo, San Sepolcro, Montevarchi, Urbino, passing through one of the nicest, almost still intact part of the enviroment in cental Italy. The Ducal Palace in Urbino preserves two of the most important works by Piero : La Flagellazione and La Madonna di Senigallia. Well, if you decide to come to Urbino, I'll ready to answer all your questions. Hearing from you again Grazia -Urbino-