Hi Ziners, We are forwarding this to you with permission from our friend Jack in Belgium, an authority on France, Belgium and Holland. Enjoy! Don&Linda

> Cool street markets in Paris:

> 1st and 2nd arrondissement: rue Montorgueil, pedestrain.
> 3rd arrondissement: rue de Bretagne
> 4th: rue Saint-Antoine
> 5th: rue Mouffetard
> 6th: rue de Buci
> 7th: rue Cler
> 9th: rue des Martyrs
> 14th: rue Daguerre
> 15th: rue du Commerce
> 16th: rue d'Auteuil
> 17th: rue Levis
> 18th: rue Lepic

> Flea-Markets in Paris

> Marche aux Puces de Saint-Ouen, porte de Clignancourt, metro:porte de
> Clignancourt,Saturday through Monday

> Marche de la porte de Montreuil ( 20 th arr) metro Porte de Montreuil,
> Saturday through Monday

> Marche de la Porte de Vanves (14th ) rue Marc-Saugnier and avenue
> Georges-Lafenetre, metro porte de Vanves open Saturday and Sunday.

> Jack

Of course, and I forgot to mention in my list the 12TH ARRONDISSEMENT-MARCHE D'ALIGRE !!

500 meters below the Opera Bastille lies one of the most dense, animated and lively Paris markets : the Marche d'Aligre, metro Ledru-Rollin. Every morning except Monday, but Staurdays and Sundays are the most interesting.

At noon, between the place and the rue Crozatier, it's madness, you can't move through the crowd. It's also one of the most inexpensive markets. Some clients, as if they were going to Fauchon, cross whole Paris to do their shopping there. In the springtime, the square takes the aspects of a marche de Provence or Africa. All ethnias meet without any problem, bargaining is heard in all languages. At the end of the morning, towards noon, prices are tumbling. It is the paradise of the people who are broke. Te section of the market between the place and the rue de Charenton proposes then the chaepest bargains, but you have to be picky and know what to choose. The cafes around the place are packed, animated and cordia lbut nothing equals Le Baron Rouge !! ( for details about that cafe and others Email me privately) A market difficult to find out about, but once you discovered it, you definitely return ! said once achineur ( person who likes to find collectibles or whatever in little markets) when they talk about the marche d'Aligre. It's the abbot of the neighboring abbey who authorized the clothes merchants and natives to sell to the poor, on the special condition it had to be cheap. Othre great lords joined the gesture and sometimes even the remnants of the Louvre feasts stranded each morning on the Aligre market. Until 1914, you could dress and eat second hand !The spirit remains today.

But is is the clothing business who rules most of the commerce today, in packages of all for 20, 50, 100 FF . Pell-mell gowns, dresses, costumes of the 50's , pure cotton Oxford shirts. For the collectibles ( brocante) amateurs, you can catch les volants the flyers) during the week of those who sit in Montreuil and Vanves on week-ends. You will find some evry chaep objects if you are not a fashion buyer. The best business is at 8.00AM or at 1.00 PM when they unpack and repack. A useful advice : if you are not to much in a hurry. make a tour around the faubourg Saint-Antoine, corner rue Crozatier. Be vigilant and wait for the

arrival of the rag-pickers,, who appear between two police passages.